ICICI ATM / Debit Cards
Senoreta • onDid You Know 11 years ago • 1 min read

ICICI ATM / Debit cards can be used at SBI ATMs to withdraw money and most shocking thing is, it does not ask for your PIN.

Even if it asks for pin and if u cancel it, it goes on to the next screen and enables you to withdraw cash. This security vulnerability was shown live on India TV news channel at SBI ATM in Hyderabad . So please take utmost care of your ICICI ATM / Debit cards to avoid any such misuse.



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  • Guest 10 years ago
    yaar sab pagal hain.. gadhe hain sab ke sab jo aisi rumours faila rahe hain mera bas chale to main aise logo ko nanga karke maaru..