If Only You Could Love Me
Sunny • on 13 years ago • 1 min read

If only you could Love me, If only you could see,
That what you are doing, Is slowly killing me,

I have tried to move on and say,
" I no longer feel this way",

But no matter what i do,
I can't Stop Loving you.

I know that you have said before,
"I don't Feel that way", and closed the door.

But I keep that door open
Because i keep hope on

That one day soon you will come to me
And say that you finally See, say you finally Love me

But untill that day comes
Here is to what up it sums;

That my love is slowly killing
Because i am so unwilling

To let my hope and love go
Even though it pains me so,

If Only You Could Love Me.......


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