If You're With Me.....
Sunny • on 11 years ago • 2 min read

i am hearing a song of love in ure smiles.. love!is it ure disturbence? i am seeing a new dance in ure anklets.. love!is it ure sound? i want this to continue for a long time. dont ever disturb this sweet dream? love!if u stay with me for a long time, if ure with me every dream is true. everyword is truth. its sweet music in heart when ure with me. if ure with me, everystep is beautiful. every minute is heaven if ure with me. if ure with me it's happiness all my life. when silence sings,won't my life come alive dancing? won't wild forest flowers take to the path of love? won't void show u the path? won't heaven come in to ure fist? won't happiness break barriers and run wild? love!ure presence is my lifeline. love!ure companionship is my kingdom of imagination. love!if u stay in my heart for long time. if ure with me, every desire will be fulfilled if ure with me,gentle breeze will be fragrant. won't hot sun become cool evenings if ure with me? if ure with me ,every word is veda. if ure with me every word uttered is a song. if ure with me,my world will be filled with smile. standing where i was,i've touched the sky. newfacets of change in my boyfriend, has developed wings to my imagination. am i drowning my self in the river of happiness? when the sea of happiness in his is drowning me, rainbow is overlapping me. the colours are becoz of u only. this cool jasmine filled moonlit nights are becoz of u only. love! shall i take it as permanent. if ure with me, no anxiety will come to me. if ure with me,light will never fade away. if ure with me,even words will become songs. if ure with me,there's no defeat for me. if ure with me,i will never get displeased. if ure with me,any difficulty is pleasure to me.


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