Ileana : I Am Waiting For My Dream Guy
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The number game: Though the actress says she doesn’t believe the number game, she is now the number one actress in Tollywood. “Today I will be number one and tomorrow someone will take my place. I don’t believe in the number game. I don’t believe in competition. I take one step at a time and I kind of challenge myself to perform better in my next film,” says the actress, who feels the Telugu industry is very professional and the amount of respect she gets there is enormous.

At present, the actress is doing a film with Jr NTR titled Shakti.


I’m open to the Tamil film industry. I’ve always been in touch with the industry but nothing has materialised so far. Talks are on to do a movie with Vikram but it’s not finalised.

Script is a winner

For me the only important thing is the script. It is about translating that into a great entertainment through the vision and guidance of the director.

Dream role

I enjoyed watching the film Fashion. You need a lot of effort and concentration to portray the characteristics of the models and I would love to do such roles.

‘I’m not fashion conscious’

Ileana’s mother Sameera is a fashion designer and takes care of her costumes in films. The actress says she is not that fashion conscious and doesn’t follow any particular trend. “I want to set my own trends,” she says.

Mama’s girl

Is she planning to launch a clothing line along with her mom? “Not exactly. Talks are on but we may or may not,” says the actress and adds, “I won’t take any decision without my mom and she accompanies me all the time.”

Glamour and vulgarity

There is a thin line between glamour and vulgarity. I want to stay more glamorous. I try to keep it clean.

Mr Right: I’ve not found anyone in this world till now. My kind of guy should respect me and be honest.

Change is constant: I keep changing my phones and I won’t stick to any particular model but I’m not that tech-savvy.

Arty: Ileana loves to draw and sing, particularly Western music when time permits.

Not a party girl: The actress doesn’t party at all. “I don’t really have a huge set of friends. I have only a few selective friends and almost everyone is abroad. I hang out in a coffee shop or meet friends over a nice lunch."


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