Ileana's 30 Days Rule Causing Problems
Sunny • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 2 min read

Andhra andhala Khajana Ileana is presently acting two telugu movie projects. The first one happens to be with Junior NTR and the second one happens to be with actor Ram, whish is “Tom & Jerry”. According to the Tollywood sources, Ileana is facing extinction threat from Tollywood. With a series of flop, the actress has already been tagged with the title of “Iron Leg”.

For this reason, no producer is approaching her and also due to her mind boggling remuneration of 80 lakhs – 1 Crore and also her strict dates allotment for just 30 days per film. Moreover, Telugu cinema audiences are in a desire to see new pretty faces, with great shapes and sizes. So, for this reason, producers are signing in new faces, who come for a cheap price and are eager to show every bit of their secrets on screen.

But reacting to these rumors, Ileana has come out strongly. She feels that these rumors are untrue. Ileana has cleared the air, that she has not signed any project, as she wants something-something, which impresses her mind. Ileana is in a look out for projects, which offer her good acting scope and for this reason, she has not signed any project.


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