Immune System Information And Tips To Improve And Boost The Immune System
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The immune system consists of white blood cells, amino acids and some specialized organs. Its function is to eliminate and destroy disease agents (i.e. virus), toxins as well as dead cells or mutated cells, like cancer cells. By aimfully activating the inner energy and by daily application of the PcE-Training with the PcE-Trainer under biofeedback control, one strengthens the function of the killer cells (white bloodcells). Leukocytes, macrophages, T-lymphocytes and immuneglobuline producing B-lymphocytes are stimulated to better fight off viruses and bacteria.

Improve Immune System

  1. Green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans, fruit and roots help in making the immune system stronger.

  2. Make sure to include fish and poultry in your everyday diet, as they have been found to be beneficial for the immune system.

  3. Sweets and high-fat food items are a big no-no. Having them occasionally is ok, but don’t make it a habit to have desserts on a daily basis.

  4. Do not consume too much dairy products. Even red meat and eggs should be taken in moderation.

  1. Garlic is very good for the immune system of the body. You can take it either raw or in cooked form.

  2. Herbal teas, like green tea and black tea, boost the immune system, since they contain antioxidants, bioflavonoids, tannins and indoles.

  3. Reduce your consumption of processed and packaged foods as much as possible. Instead, try to stick to fresh foods and vegetables.

  4. Try to avoid the food items that contain polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

  5. Stick to organic food as much as possible.

  6. Apart from having a healthy diet, it is very necessary for you to maintain the shape of your body too. Make sure to exercise on a regular basis. You can walk or jog, for at least 30 minutes, 4 times a week.

  7. For having a healthy body, it is essential to have a healthy and peaceful mind. Try to do meditation, atleast thrice a week.

Boost Immune System

  1. Get a full night's sleep. Everybody's different: your body may need anywhere from 6 to 10 hours of sleep each night. Whatever your personal sleep requirement is, get it! Sleep has been linked to balanced hormone levels (including human growth hormone and the stress hormone, cortisol), keeping weight down, clear thinking and reasoning, improved mood, and vibrant, healthy skin.

  2. Eat plenty of protein. Protein is a building block for a healthy body, mind, and immune system. Diets lows in protein tend to be high in carbs which convert readily to glucose, spiking blood sugar and stressing the pancreas and the immune system.

  3. Spend some time out in the cold. Snowball fight, anyone? Exercise can make a noticeable difference to your health and happiness by releasing endorphins. Most of us spend 90% of our lives indoors, inhaling dubiously filtered air and other people's germs, so take every opportunity to get outside. Time spent outdoors in the cold also stimulates the thyroid gland.

  4. Make sure you take time to yourself, spend some time with friends, and indulge yourself in a massage, a hot bath, or an energy work session when you want one. Our bodies respond to our emotions - if you're feeling harassed and anxious, it can manifest in a sore throat or a cold.

Create a space within yourself and your living environment for harmony, self-love and joy (giving thanks, prayer and blessing the abundance in your life and of the world around you helps). Pay attention to warning signs of sore throat or exhaustion so you can keep them from getting worse. Take a "mental health day" every few months to make sure your emotional needs are met. When you're happy, you're far less likely to get sick.

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