Impotence And Improve The Sex With Food
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Food and sex exist in relation to each other from time immemorial. Is an ancient human desire to improve the sex with a special diet or groups with different, often bizarre aphrodisiacs, such as the hyena eyeballs and nose hippopotamus, a favorite in ancient Rome? Fortunately, these strange ingredients are no longer in fashion and quality of sexual life; it is possible to achieve reasonable changes to diet and not to resort to the remarkable aphrodisiac, today popular in Asian countries.

One option for women as soy, which is the source of so-called phytoestrogens, substances of natural origin, affecting our body receptors for the hormone estrogen. These receptors are also responsible for better lubrication of the vagina and reduce the >effects of menopause, as such, both of which contribute to improving the quality of sexual life. Generally, it is important to note that obesity also has quite definitely on the quality of sex.


Obesity among other things, it also means that our body is too much fat. This number has increased, as is already well known to an increased risk of atherosclerosis. This increased risk of narrowing of the arteries also shows that reducing the amount of blood flow in moments of excitement to the sexual organs, reducing the feeling of pleasure, but also performance. On the other hand, fat intake can not be removed, but should be received from appropriate sources, such as olive oil, nuts and especially freshly mashed flaxseed (which is a concentrated source of other useful substances). Nuts are also useful as a source of vitamin E and zinc.

Other suitable foods recommended to improve the quality of sex include bananas, pomegranates, peaches and fresh figs. The pomegranate apples were discovered substances similar in effect to the already mentioned estrogen.

Very important and popular since time immemorial are different kinds of spices. The oldest is kardamovník zázvorovitých general of the families already known in ancient Egypt. Similar properties are attributed to the cinnamon, ginger, basil, vanilla and cloves. These spices play a role in essential oils, which are contained in them and are often found in essential oils, which are prepared from them.

But that list of recommended foods and ingredients do not stop. Very popular is the chocolate, which, thanks to the bromine content of serotonin and helps to improve mood, and thus indirectly increase the interest in sex. The use of garlic, of course, preferably in the form of pills, odorless, helps to improve blood circulation and thus may improve the potency. It is recommended for food from a variety of asparagus and seafood, famous for oysters and shrimp.

Positive effect and a large number of substances used today as food supplements. These include ginseng, wild yam, Gotu Kola, Leuzea, guarana , lecithin or tribulus land (Tribulus terrrestris) and royal bee jelly . Among other substances, it is vitamin E, vitamin C, niacin, zinc, calcium, magnesium; a well-known is the amino acid arginine and other amino acids such as phenylalanine or carnitine.

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