Improve Eyesight And Vision With Proven Herbal Remedies
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There are some problems related to our eyesight. Know the proven herbal remedies to improve eyesight.

Eyesight is a valuable gift from God to us. The person who is blind well knows the value of eyesight. Eyesight and breathing are of equivalent importance. We are in a position to appreciate this colorful world due to eyesight only. There are some common problems related to our eyesight.

  1. Myopia or short sightedness - This problem is caused due to elongated shape of our eyeball. Person suffering from the problem of myopia are unable to see distant objects clearly. The common symptom of myopia is headache. The solution to the problem of myopia is contact lenses, Lasik surgery and eye glasses.

  2. Hyperopia or farsightedness - The problem of hyperopia is caused due to the shorter shape of eyeball. People suffering from hyperopia are unable to see the nearer objects more clearly but they can see the distant objects more clearly. The treatments of hyperopia are Lasik surgery, contact lenses and eye glasses.

  1. Astigmatism - In this problem the shape of the eye ball becomes oblong instead of spherical. The common symptoms of astigmatism are blurry vision and headaches. The treatments to this problem are refractive surgery, eye glasses and toric lenses.

  2. Presbyopia this problem affects the people at the age of 40. In this problem people may suffer from eye weakness resulting in unclear vision. Solutions to this problem are reading glasses and bifocal lenses.

The causes of eyesight problem are deficiency of Vitamin A, C, aging, heredity, strokes, fatigue, drying of eyes, certain diseases like diabetes, brain tumors, malnutrition, internal eye bleeding, overexposure to sunlight, radiation, etc, due to some medications like antihistamines, anticholinergics, malaria pills, certain blood pressure pills etc.

The problem of poor eyesight can be improved with the help of below proven herbal remedies

  1. To have a good sight, you must take one teaspoon fennel seed powder with honey.

  2. To treat any inflammatory conditions in eyes, you can use golden seal.

  3. An herb rich in antioxidants known as Aspalathus can improve the health of eye effectively.

  4. There is a useful herb known as Bilberry, which is very effective in treating retinal deterioration.

  5. Prepare an eye wash by adding powder of Triphala in water and keep this mixture overnight. Wash your eyes with this prepared eyewash after straining the water.

  6. You can also prepare eyewash by mixing rose water and potash alum. It is effective eyewash. You can also use this eyewash as an eye drop.

  7. I-lite capsule is one of the most popular and effective herbal remedies to improve eyesight and vision clarity.

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