Improve Poor Memory And Methods To Enhance Memory
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Many women begin to suffer setbacks memory around the age of the age of fifty. Memory declines are almost public. Temporary oblivion from time to time causes resentment. This forgetfulness is not a casual sign of Alzheimer's disease, does not mean it has been decided to spend the rest of your life and you Ten seen names or you continue to wonder why your position of sheets in the refrigerator!

How to activate the memory?


• One of the specialists in the field of strengthening the memory, the ability of human information storage capacity is very, very high, the problem in the way we deal with memory. • The ability of human memory is not as the ability of the computer, where the computer is limited and the capacity of human memory is limited.

• God Almighty gave us the grace very big brain, we can preserve many words in a very short time and we can preserve the names of many people in a short time, we can preserve digits long in a short time. All of this depends on the way we deal with memory. • Since the human brain is divided into two sections or lobes; the right lobe and maintain the image and colors, fonts Almhanip, feelings, imagination, creativity, music. The left lobe motivated to talk and the straight line and a single color, language, repetition and sequence, analysis and detail. • The ability of the right lobe to save the information or speed is faster than the left lobe by 17 times, meaning that if the left Balvs repeated 17 times, and drawn repetition Balvs right once. • Most of us are used and learn to use the left lobe in the conservation and easiest way for us is the repetition is a good way, but very slow

Methods to Enhance Memory

Conducted one of the researchers in the field of brain laboratory experiments in order to induce memory brain, and remembering people who have undergone such experiences incidents of the past with all its details, they thought they had forgotten decided this world in his book [[the secrets of the mind]] that everything I felt or I felt or did or over your past is still registered somewhere in the brain.

Research has shown that we're losing access to most of what is in our memories in a short period of time. Although the brain retains information in memory is not conscious but we can not only remember 50% of everything we see or hear within 5 minutes. Before the hour mark, we can not remember two-thirds of what we read or hear the next day and in the proportion rises to 90%. So we need to learn the exercises and methods to strengthen and to provoke the memory.

Your memory is a strong cup of coffee and tea: laboratory studies say that the caffeine in coffee, tea, cola drinks, effervescent may improve long-term memory when they are drinking far to learn new things.

Take a supplement: As you age, the small intestine has lost some of their ability to absorb vitamin B-12, which plays a role in memory and other mental functions.

Lean meats, eggs, and dairy products low fat give large amounts of vitamin B 12.

Vegetarians may need to supplement of vitamin B 12. The recommended daily dose or RNI of vitamin B 12 is 1.5 micrograms.

Drink more water: those who do not drink adequate amounts of water may be infected by the drought, which affects blood flow to the brain, and thus lead to fatigue and leads and makes you remember things more difficult.

Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day each with a capacity of 240 ml.

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