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There are many memory disorders like any illness or flu can also affect the memory. There are many diseases also which can affect your memory like brain tumors, amnesia, brain injury, pain, hypertension, depression and stress can affect the memory. People mostly loss their memory in old age because arteries get hardens and flow of blood to the brain get reduced. Due to reduce of flow of blood to the brain the supply of oxygen also reduced which affect the memory.

There are many drugs available to deal with memory disorder but these antibiotics have side effects. Not all people are blessed with sharp and super memory and hence, people with absentmindedness are in search to improve memory. As the luck would have it, the nature has gifted us with many herbs and therapies that help to improve memory. Let us look at some of the basic but significant tips to improve memory:-

• There are many therapies that help in boosting the memory. Special therapy such as Ayurvedic Panchakarma may help in sharpening the memory. However for this, one has to follow a strict diet and regimen as directed by Ayurvedic physician. Ayurvedic therapies such as Nasyam (nasal pouring) and Shirodhara (forehead pouring) are found to be very beneficial. • The meditation plays a significant role in enhancing the memory. The neurotransmitters are said to get restored when meditation is practiced in a particular manner. You can learn various meditation techniques and improve memory. • You can also start eating dark, green and leafy vegetables, fresh fruit juices and healthy light food. On the other hand, giving up junk, canned, packed, spicy and oily food is necessary. Ayurvedic literatures say that excess use of onions decrease the memory and hence, to improve memory, limit the onions. • Ayurvedic scholars believe that masturbation may cause memory loss. Excessive masturbation may also bring lots of other health ailments such as hair fall, general and sexual debility, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and loss of libido and in severe cases, even the impotency. To improve memory, limit or give up masturbation. • Holistic exercises such as Yoga and Pranayama are two of the most important practices that help to improve the memory. Various aasanas and breathing technique improve the blood circulation within the brain and help to improve the memory.

Some suggest that biofeedback has important role in ruling out many health ailments and is also good for treating various health issues including loss or reduced memory. You can simply note down the things you forget and try to remember without those notes. However, you always have option to look into the notes to remember things.

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