Increase Breast Size And Natural Breast Enhancement With Natural Breast Massage
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Breast massage helps to increase the circulation in your breasts and decreases the symptoms of PMS, menopause and menstrual cramps. Therapeutic breast massage can also lessen discomforts associated with breast cancer treatments, help relieve post-surgical symptoms, and reduce discomfort from pregnancy, breastfeeding and weaning. Breast massage also contributes to improved skin tone while promoting relaxation and balancing your energy. Benefits of Breast Massage

There are no muscles in breast hankie, which you could use to get a rounder look, like with other part of the body.

Therefore, the only way of getting well again shaped breasts is massage benefits.

Improved flow will tone up the tissues and will make tighter your sagging skin.

The breast is calm of tissue and fat from adipose tissue. A corporation of massage and good help these tissues tone and civilization from them. There breasts of a better and more natural. Breast massage benefits, to fashion a beautiful bust of the line, the shape and sound, and thus to increase their charm.

Breast Massage Exercises

  1. Lie down on a mat. Hold one power in each hand and extended your arms out at shoulder level.

  2. Raise both arms straight up jointly above your body, keeping your elbow slightly bent, so that the weights meet over your chest.

  3. Return the weighs out to your sides at shoulder height. Repeat the exercise 13 to 15 times.

  4. Lie down on a mat. make bigger your arms and hold the weights up in the air over your chest.

  5. Bend your elbows and lower the weights toward your chest, with your elbows out to the sides at shoulder level.

  6. Extend your arms as the crow flies back up over your chest. Repeat the exercise 13 to 15 times.

Steps for natural breast massage

One can start from the nipple and for this, push downwards with first three fingers of the hand. The movements are to be slow and almost elegant for better results. She should not apply any sort of heavy pressures.

Once that first step is done, the breasts then should be softly massaged with some kneading kind of massage. For this, one should hold one breast with both the hands in order to hold it like cup. Here too, one should not apply heavy pressure at any cost; she should stop it if starts to hurt. Hold the breast in this fashion and then go on kneading it somewhat for a while. Finish the procedure for one breast and then take-on to another one.

Next step begins by holding the breast just as it had been done in the prior step. But here, instead of compressing it out, get it a spinning kind of motion. For this, rotate the hands (and so the breasts) first in clockwise movement and then followed by anticlockwise motion with equal pressure and effort. Continue the entire procedure for about ten times. Then repeat the same onto the other breast.

At the end of the session, finally, open the palms from the breast in such a way that they do not cover the areola and face down. Then moving the palms downwards in order to have the fingers rubbing against the side surfaces of the breasts would be ideal to give fuller and firmer look to the breasts.

However, this should not be done onto the nipples, as this might spoil their shapes. Continue the same for about 10 times on each breast.

Breast massages are innocent and do not have any side-effects. Such massaging is also considered to be a prophylactic and diagnostic cure for cancerous growth of breasts.

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