Increase Libido In Men And Women Together
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To increase your sex drive and libido naturally you need to raise your Testosterone level which is a major cause behind low male libido and sex drive in men. A good diet, regular exercise and natural supplements like Provacyl can help you boost your sex drive.

Daily diet is an excellent approach in how to increase libido. In both men and women, their respective bodies need a number of essential foods that possess both nutritional and supplemental value towards the adequate and ample productive volumes of both sperm, ovum or eggs.

In a summary, there had to be sufficient eggs to fertilize, and, in conjunction, enough sperm has to present in order to fertilize the egg. Sexually charged enhancements, in how to increase libido, can be found in foods that are plentiful in zinc.

Here are a few simple and easy steps to increase libido in men:

  1. Make sure you include foods like oysters, lean meat, dairy and poultry products in your diet. Such foods are rich in zinc and help increase testosterone production in your body which helps boost libido in men.

  2. Reduce your carbohydrate intake specially those that are rich in simple sugars since they tend to elevate Insulin level in your blood which affects testosterone production adversely and hence lower your libido.

  3. Not all fat is bad! - Include essential fats like Omega 3 into your diet. This is not just good for testosterone production but also promotes blood circulation throughout the body.

  4. Quit Smoking- Smoking is not just bad for your lungs and respiratory system is it also bad for libido since nicotine builds plaque in your arteries and restricts blood flow which tends to affect libido negatively.

  5. Workout Regularly- Weight bearing exercises are the best when it comes to increasing testosterone levels. Exercises that work on a group of muscles provide the best results. Some of them include squats, bench presses, military presses, deadlifts etc.,

  6. Limit your workout to 45-60 minutes a session. This is important since if you workout for more than an hour in a single session, your Cortisol levels will elevate which affect testosterone production adversely.

  7. Reducing stress is a major step towards increasing your libido naturally. Apart form relaxation methods like yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises, regular exercise can also be a great stress buster.

  8. Get Quality Sleep- Getting adequate and quality sleep is a must if you want to boost your libido. Lack of sleep tends to build stress which affects testosterone production negatively and leads to a reduced or diminished libido.

Litchi also called as wolfberry and has many benefits like protecting female sexual organs and tissues, eliminating fatigue, improving resistance and also counters anti-ageing effects. Litchi can be dried and later its tea can be made for regular consumption.

Maca roots are extremely beneficial food for low libido in females as it affects overall health by maintaining hormonal balance, increasing energy levels, vitality, stamina and also treats menstrual irregularities. Pine nuts are also treated as effective food for treating low libido in females; it is a rich source of proteins which promotes hormonal balance.

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