Increase Low Sperm Count And Impotence Treatment
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Infertility is an exponentially growing problem in both males and females. During the last few decades the number of infertility cases in young males has reached a number that does not look too good. Men are losing their capability of becoming father at a very early age. The cause is reduced sperm count.

A lot of men have reacted to this problem and is seeking a real solution to this. Reduced level of sperm count is caused due to some mistakes made on our part on a daily basis. Blame it upon our fast paced modern lifestyle. Competition and increasing amount of stress and tension lead to smoking and alcoholism.

Fast life and in a hurry to lose weight to look sleek people are given to eating disorders. These factors are eventually destroying the production level of semen in our body without us noticing it.

Low level of testosterone is the main reason of low sperm count and low semen volume. The level of testosterone can go down due to many reasons, herbal supplements pills like semenax and volume pills are the best herbal and natural products available in the market. Many people have benefited by the use of semenax and volume pills in a short duration to increase their sperm count naturally. These pills have been blended with effective and trusted herbs and natural products to resolve the situation quickly.

Increase Sperm Count

  1. Reduce smoking and alcohol intake - smoking negatively impact your semen count and motility while drinking affects your long term sperm production and potency.

  2. Exercise regularly - Any type of medium level exercises does wonders for your overall health and semen quality. Avoid bicycling - this type of workout puts extra stress onto your testicular area and can have a contrary effect by causing a low sperm volume.

  3. Maintain your weight - Not too under or overweight since weight influences estrogen and testosterone levels. Also, try to adopt a high protein diet rich in vegetables and whole grains but low in fats.

  4. Prevent overheating of the scrotum - Heat can compromise sperm health. Avoid hot-tubs and even tight underwear!

  5. Reduce your stress level - Consider stress-reducing exercise like yoga, tai chi, or meditation practice.

  6. Make love In the morning or early afternoon and less often - It has been shown that sperm count is highest in the morning as your body as recently recharged itself and isn't using as much energy elsewhere.

  7. Try natural sperm enhancers - This type of supplements use a blend of special herbal extracts that are designed to increase your sperm count naturally and with no side effects.

  8. Refrain from habits like smoking, alcohol consumption etc. - Alcohol affects your liver function, which, in turn, causes a dramatic rise in estrogen levels. Even two drinks a day will have long-term effects on sperm production

  9. Exercise regularly.Exercising your PC muscle can help you shoot further than ever before.

  10. Eat Nutritious Food - Diet that's low in fat, and high in protein, vegetables, and whole grains is good for your health and for your sperm. Avoid bitter, astringent and spicy foods.Reduce caffeine intake

  11. Avoid heating of testicles - Wear loose, cotton boxer shorts, Avoid hot baths and saunas

  12. Lose any excess weight, which tends to cause testosterone/oestrogen imbalances.

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