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Remember that infertility is not mentioned until he has spent a year of trying to pregnancy, which means having had sex at least once a week. Also remember that the ideal time to get pregnant is in the 14th day after the rule. Another simple method is that the woman is fertile when she feels more moisture in the vagina (it feels more humid).

Almost always the problem of infertility is on the man so that the husband should be checked first as the most common cause of infertility in couples is the low number of sperm in the semen of men (below 20 million sperm per cubic centimeter.)

Cause of Infertility in Humans


Factors that could cause a decrease in sperm counts are obesity, poor diet, smoking, age?

Certain psychological factors also contribute to these blocks, we quote:

• Emotional stress • can act to limit the production of male hormones responsible for the production of semen volume. • Problems of sexuality in couples • Impotence • Relationships with psychological disorders such as premature ejaculation, for example. • Without proper treatment, a low rate of sperm can lead to serious conditions such as impotence. • The treatment can increase the amount of semen

is not only beneficial for physical health and wellbeing, but also the confidence and orgasm during sex.

If this is the problem the husband should avoid excessive use of snuff, alcohol, foods with fats and oils. You also need to lose weight and avoid stress. You should eat diets rich in calcium (from milk) and take a calcium supplement (calcium carbonate tablets, take 1 gram daily) as well as plenty of fresh salad greens. You should also make a daily exercise routine, for this we recommend that you use our site to calculate your exercise routine. Another important treatment is vitamin A and E is essential for normal sperm maturation and normal functioning of the placenta, also involved in the formation of the egg. Sources of these vitamins are: the germ of cereals, especially wheat, in lettuce, peanuts, whole milk, egg yolk, butter, nuts, legumes, vegetable oils.

Zinc is an essential mineral in the enzymatic functions of individuals. It is also essential for the synthesis of protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Found in high concentrations in the ejaculate of men and plays a vital role in prostate health. A low level of zinc is directly associated with poor sperm quality, especially when testosterone levels are low. A study in 211 men, of whom 103 were infertile. These were divided randomly into three groups: zinc, placebo and a combination of zinc and folic acid. The results showed that all the men who received supplements (no placebos) increased the level of their sperm.

How to increase the quantity and quality of sperm

If you run out of sperm or seeking better to impress your partner and give him the satisfaction, then Speman is the solution for you.

Many customers are demanding more power and orgasm and want a better semen quality and increased mobility, which is quite normal.

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