Increase Urinary Flow And Treatment Of Slow Urine Flow
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The urinary system is a complex and multifunctional cycle that both functions as a filtration of toxins in the blood and as an excretory organ as these toxins are released out of the body through an end product known as the urine.

Standing urination velocity, or SUV as urine flow is commonly known, can depend on the fullness or emptiness of your bladder, the circumference of your urethra (the tube through which urine exits your body), and the pressure you do or don't apply while urinating. If your slow flow of urine is not accompanies by a burning or painful sensation, chances are there is nothing to worry about. However, in order to increase urine flow, you can consume large quantities of water in a short time and then see how it works.

For instance, if you drink three litres of water within an hour and urinate at least 30 minutes after this, the flow should increase. You can try to drink approximately an additional three litres of non-alcoholic barley water within a day to improve your urine flow. Barley water is perfectly harmless and has the added advantage of cleansing your system by flushing the kidneys well.

Causes of Slow Urine Flow

  1. Dehydration. When the body has less water, it tries to conserve it by decreasing the amount of urine excreted. You may notice that its color is darker because of increased concentration.

  2. Minimal urine flow an also be caused by anatomical structure of the urinary tract.

  3. For example, you could have a smaller than usual urinary tract diameter. This will affect the urine stream flow.

  4. Urinary tract infection may be another cause. This is usually accompanied with other symptoms.

  5. For men, prostate-gland-related condition is yet another cause.

Treatment for Slow Urine Flow

The treatment regimen for this condition is based on its cause:

  1. For dehydration, drinking six to eight glasses of water a day usually does the trick. You will notice that your urine flows steadily and is light-colored.

  2. For urinary tract infection, you should also increase your fluid intake or drink green tea or any type of tea to help you increase urine flow. Eat prunes, cranberries, and citrus fruits to acidify urine. Oral antibiotics are usually prescribed by your doctor.

  3. Always keep your genital area clean to avoid infection.

  4. When an enlarged prostate is diagnosed by physical exam, surgery is usually indicated. Hence, it is always best to consult your doctor.

Problems in Urine Flow

The common problems encountered with one’s urine flow normally includes urinary dysfunctions such as UTI, also known as urinary tract infection, which can result to urinary incontinence. The urge to urinate is sometimes uncontrollable. Sometimes stress plays a factor as well. If you are situated in a location where you find it uncomfortable to urinate, your body reacts and it will tend to keep it in.

Controlling the Urine Flow

Certain laboratory procedures would sometimes ask a specimen that’s based on how it is acquired. With these, an individual must be able to know the technique especially on doing the Valsalva maneuver that helps control the urge to urinate. Methods to Improve Urine Flow

  1. Drinking plenty of fluids will likely improve one’s flow of urine.

  2. Hot and cold compresses usually induce urination to flow.

  3. Allowing an individual to listen to running water also helps make them urinate.

  4. Avoid holding your urge to urinate because it can alter the urine flow and at the same time put you at risk for urinary infections.

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