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For decades, people have used various techniques of yoga to improve their body. Yoga broadens the entire body, particularly the spine, and gives it the strength and balance to grow. An exercise program that involves yoga is really the best way to increase height. Yoga, centers the body by fluid movements. The main idea is to create flexibility when the breath is being controlled. This control and flexibility helps in growing taller.

Yoga stretches the back of the body. It decompresses the body from the downward pressure that causes the body to shrink. After the strain is relieved from the body, the cartilage present in the joints and back start to lengthen which makes you taller. People can gain a few inches in height by having the correct posture. The spine in the body starts to grow longer.

Yoga Asanas for Increasing Height:

  1. Chakrasana (wheel pose) – One has to stretch the trunk part of the body, which helps in the elongation of the stomach region. The stiff muscles of the side and the back get relaxed.
  2. Tadasana – ( Standing on the shoulder)- In this asanas one has to stand upright on the ground and hold one’s back muscles as well as the shoulder upright.
  3. Pranayama – This is deep breathing and keeps the body free form toxins and helps in the overall growth of the body.
  4. Sukhasana – One has to sit cross-legged, with feet touching the thighs, with the hands resting on the feet ankles. One has to breathe in as well as out in equal intervals.
  5. Surya Namaskara – This consists of several Yogic postures and helps the body as a whole.
  6. Tanasana Yoga – One has to lie down on one’s back. Place the hands on the chest with fingers interlocked. Raise the hands as you inhale and stretch them backwards, behind the head. Keep the legs as well as toes outstretched. Inhale and stretch the hands as well as the legs in the opposite direction. Feel your entire body stretched. Keep the posture as long as you are able to do so, while keeping the body stable. Return to original position while exhaling. Repeat this posture at least four times.
  7. Matsyasana Asanas – One has to lie down on one’s back, and do a padamasana at the same time. Place the middle part of the head on the floor and arch your chest. Raise the back as well as chest, while the knees remain on the floor. Hold the both the feet toes and let your elbows rest on the ground. Take a deep breath hold in that position as long your able to do so. Then get back to original position. Open up the padmasasana and then relax in the shavasana position.
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