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There had been and are so many problems India deals with right from internal terrorism to border terrorism then political clashes, strikes, naxalites, communal riots, economical repercussion, external affairs flaws, cost of living, extremist groups using divide and rule strategy, then homicides take over media, game of cricket, then comes a rare Olympic medal, politically sponsored carnage, caste problems, language barriers, provincial disputes reservations, corruption, natural calamities so many ramification. But still India survives and lives from so many crisis to wish each other

Happy Eid & Happy Diwali & Merry Christmas.

No matter what it takes but India stays democratic that's the sign of sovereignty & strength of the my mighty nation. After just 60 years of independence India is in a verge of claiming the Veto as we have positioned towards space and pretty soon to mars. One of the most ancient cultures still remains preserved in spite of so many backlogs.

I had been to so many places all over the world the richest culture I have pride to announce is Indian culture no matter u may be from any community caste creed doesn't make difference. The culture is we take care of our parents, neighbors, we worry for helpless needy people, we donate blood for no cost, we plan future for our kids which I seldom found in western nations who claim to be 3G. When we compare the standard of our education with the foreign we are much superior in all aspects that's one of the reasons our professionals are found in NASA, we have the best doctors and we have Indians in each and every RD establishments (Research & Development) all over the world. Indian minds were compared in many cases while I was in US with Jews indeed they are sharp but we were accepted as constructive minds we rarely think of hurting others in comparison with Jews.

Now the point how far we going to dominate this world with our efficient constructive mind whether in case of software merchandise productivity���àRD it all depends upon what we give to our next generation here after. If we show them how we can destroy other community, province & caste obviously this nation will go to docks and no one lives amongst us to even take the blame. Instead if we try to show them hey our parents taught us to be more humble and respectful to others irrespective of their beliefs and culture or language then u would definitely gonna take this nation to the peak of its accomplishment.

This is just like ball is in your court u play it the best or make it the worst. Therefore we all will remain responsible for every single act we do every single statement we forward every single justification we give to our deeds and finally every single leader we choose now the choice is ours we can learn many things from past. If we choose an extremist as a leader he brings us more foes than friends. If we choose a responsible & sensible & educated person to lead this mighty nation then u have done ur job and no generation can blame u and this mighty nation will remain strong united and prosperous compared to any other country on this planet.

Still its not too late. There is a saying better late than never. What u guys say ??? Shall we join our hands and build up this nation or destroy this ancient country which had been an icon as a largest democracy in the world.

So friends lets save some money from the crackers we burn for the needy who haven't seen joy for years.

Lets save some money from the lavish expenditure we do in the Eid for the poor who can't celebrate as they have not even food to eat.

Lets save little money from the expensive gifts we exchange amongst our friend for the helpless people of the society.

United & together we can make the difference



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