India Became Shameful Internationally By Sonia Gandhi
Sunny • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

An hasty decision by Sonia Gandhi and UPA government on Andhra Pradesh state separation created a turmoil in AP and India. Now entire state turned into a hot pan.

Why she is not responding to this issue? Is she found guilty?

She came from Italy and doesn't know the emotional and sentiments of Telugu people and announced a single line rule to separate state without considering the consciences and consequences from all quarters. People are busted by her decision and expressed their descent in different forms including sacrificing lives for UNITED ANDHRA. Separating a state is not giving a piece of cake on her birthday as gift.

Recently USA President Obama made an announcement stating "Don not make any Investments in Hyderabad in the present senario".

This makes many IT/BPO companies in Hyderabad to move to other states especially Bangalore. This process has been initiated yesterday with an IT company stating "Frequents protests, strikes and bandhs are effecting smooth flow of operations and lack of security are the prime reasons to move and several other US companies are in the process of packing up."

Her statements clearly made an negative effect in job sector and investments especially Hyderabad. Many people are going to loose their jobs. All the hardwork of many prominent leaders(Chandrababu, YSR) for years was into dustbin now.

Hyderabad loosing its fade internationally, we have to admit it.

Whats our future? Are we secure enough? People have been in high-tension now by few separatists who're exploiting for their own whims and fancies from decades.

United we stand, divided we fall!



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  • Sunny 9 years ago
    So far 400 crores of investment has been moved to other states becoz of this turmoil.. KCR should think about it.