India Ranks 6th For Its Currency
ANSH • onInformation 11 years ago • 1 min read

Hong Kong, 8 Aug 06 India ranks sixth in the world as far as its gold and currency reserves are concerned, with Japan, Russia and China holding the top three positions.

India stands at the sixth position with 164 billion dollars while China remains the biggest holder of state currency reserves with over 940 billion dollars, a report by the Currency Board of Hong Kong made on the basis of the latest official data said.

Japan bags the second place with 871.9 billion dollars of currency reserves by the end of July. Russia and Taiwan take the third and the fourth position with 265.6 billion dollars and 260.4 billion dollar reserves respectively.

South Korea is placed fifth with 225.7 billion dollars followed by India and Singapore (128.7 billion dollars). Hong Kong, Germany and France wrap up the list of ten leaders in gold and currency reserves.



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