Indian Diet - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
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So, are you over weight in the world’s largest democracy? If yes, then you might probably want to look for diets with a more indian focus. There are frankly, good and bad things about an indian diet. The bad thing is that it is almost impossible to get hooked to one particular indian food because there are so many of them out there. On the other hand, since there is so much variety, it is easy to find a meal that is both healthy and is enticing to your taste buds.

There is a very popular belief that indian food is unhealthy. This is a misconception. There are a very few items on the typical indian diet that may be classified as ‘unhealthy’. Food stuff such as sweets and deep fried side dishes along with rice are part of this list.

However, it is almost impossible to find an array of side dishes that are so rich in vegetables and fruits that can be considered healthy. A typical indian diet would consist of rotis which are not oiled too much along with a nice curry. Most indian desserts are loaded on sugar, so it is best to avoid those.

The most important thing to remember in an indian diet is to never eat food that is not cooked at home. Eating from restaurants is highly unhealthy and is responsible for a lot of fat deposits. Also, Indians have a genetic anomaly that causes fat to be deposited almost exclusively on the stomach walls. In order to avoid any fattening of the abdomen, it is of utmost importance to stay away from restaurant food. Also, avoid anything that has too much butter or oil on it and you will be highly rewarded.

Another ting to remember is to refrain from eating too much spice. Indian cuisine is rich in a huge assortment of spices, but an indian diet should consist of a minimum of these. This is because these contain too much salt that is indirectly linked to obesity. Also, a new generation of processed foods have taken over the market. These are becoming a popular phenomenon, but are the most unhealthy kinds of food available. They lack any nutrients and can prove to be carcinogenic in the long run.

So stick to the basics, go with traditional recipies and enjoy your indian diet.

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