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Indian Politicians and businessmen have been bragging about great Indian talent pool and liberalisation and expansion of technical education. Earlier the fools in government and planning bodies were choking education to death by over controls and licensing. They anyway failed to regulate quality. Now the authorities in plethora of organisations and ministry of HRD and state education departments are causing havoc by completely loosening controls in name of liberalisation.

The manner in which third rate education is being doled out to innocent youth in country, teachers are being exploited and third rate PhD holders are holding sway in education regulation in country is matter of serious national concern and shame and it is now time authorities start behaving and take proper responsibility to restore balance and checks in quality and dispensation of technical education in India. The quantity produced by fraudulent and third rate universities in India and private Institutions is having very very poor quality of intake, processes and training.

Making money while liberalisation shines, is the key word.

All kinds of failed businessmen, failed executives and profiteers including polticians have entered in this sector to mint money and that too in name of Charitable Trusts. The income tax authorities, UGC and AICTE and all sorts of regulatory bodies for others such courses in Centre and government setup in States are committing criminal negligence and connivance with profiteers for perpetuating very poor state of education in India.

Let us look at how fraud on nation is being carried out:

1.The University system is totally politicised in country with all sorts of junk persons holding controlling positions in Universities and institutes. 2.Foolish rules to have doctoral degrees in technical courses whereas it is practical experience that is more important. The state of affairs of PhD work in India is rotten and third grade and aptly shown by Jaspal Bhatti in his comedy serial a few years back.But no one took him seriously. My own experience in trying to pursue this course and guiding some PhD scholars in different places in India and interviewing the PhD holders was appalling and disgusting. The government should immediately amend laws to have 50:50 ratio of PhD and industry stream professionals as Professors in Institutes of all types and universities with at least 2 professors and two assistant professors,even in small stand alone Institutes.

3.The inspection done by Universities and AICTE etc annually and while giving approvals is almost fraudulent and controlled by outdated and poor quality professors who have more interest to exercise their own importance and vested interests. The AICTE inspections are useless and formalities and all kinds of junk stuff is ignored by them knowingly. In fact time has come to wind up UGC and AICTE and all other regulatory bodies and have a new region wise independent non political non bureaucratic setups with rigorous quality and process requirements. All education Institutes must be compulsorily registered and the unregistered Institutes should be closed and their owners sent to jail afterconfiscating the money amassed by them.

4.While elephantine Institutes like IITs and IIMs and universities are guzzling scarce funds wasting money in lacs of rupees per students, the private affiliated institutes are allowed only Rs 35000 fee making mockery of whole process and harming youth seeking technical education. This is criminal act of state governments and politicians

5.The research and knowledge base in Indian Universities including so called central Institutes of excellence is pathetic and highly inadequate.

6.The teachers are exploited shamelessly in technical education and of course in general education,more. Not only teachers are not paid statutory wages that are itself low and absurd, they are churned and asked to leave every session end. It is matter of great shame and national concern. No research support is given to the large army of teachers in technical institutes thus wasting human resource. The profiteering Lalas and Trusts are not only giving rough deal to teachers but are recklessly exploiting them and saving money from their dues.This must stop. AICTE and UGC and all concerned universities are shamelessly looking the other way. Such Institutes and universities must be closed down and their administrators sent to jail.

  1. The technical specifications of institutes and their infrastructures are highly inadequate and manipulated with several courses running in same premises. Making money is only criteria. Even minimum facilities for students are not available in the universities and private institutes,both.

8.Large number of fraudulent setups are running without mandatory approvals in open defiance and the coward and corrupt regulators look other way as well the local administration. This is fraud with student community.I wonder what out great judiciary is doing?

  1. The rules are bypassed by distance education mode of Indian universities where their affiliates and licensees award dual degrees to just make money as university charges are less. These institutes are run in residential areas in small shops and doling out their own diplomas and university degrees in open mockery. No one is there to regulate them.

10.Though education by definition is non profit business and name sake trusts are created, these are owned by businessmen and their family only and tax free money is being amassed. There is no check on genuineness of Trusts and the way money is being spent and taken out.

It is time all stakeholders and general public rise against the pathetic condition of technical education in India and demand changes.

We would like to advise and caution all concerned central and state authorities to either wake up and make amends or a national campaign will be launched to expose the corruption, mismanagement and incompetence of regulatory authorities, governments and bureaucracy.

It is time to rewrite rules of technical education in India.

""The Industry should reject all unregistered and fraudulent institutes and poor quality universities by their own screening process.It will benfit them and help improvement in technical eduaction.They should become proactive and not sleep.Thye are biggest stakeholders""

The property of all profiteering and unrecognized institutes should be attached and annexed to national exchequer immediately and owners be sent to jails.

The media has completely failed in exposing this sad state of affairs and exploitation of teachers and students in entire country but on the contrary they dole out annual ranking surveys which no one trusts as these are manipulated and inadequate.

It is shameful that technical education is in such a bad shape with criminal negligence of media, authorities and governments. This needs to be rectified urgently.



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    Do any of you have any suggestion for a good educational system? The current status of our system makes me rather prefere okul