Indian Male - Fair And Handsome? Or Dark And Rugged?
Sneha • onFashion 8 years ago • 3 min read

Untill a few years ago the metrosexual male was never heard of, but now you find them everywhere. You could see them in movie stars to even the guy next door. It was evident that men had found their new selves. Being metrosexual was now a new obsession apart from the regular boys toys like cars, bikes and the fast life. Men now began visiting salons, looking clean and even waxing off their chest hair!

Then went berserk taking off all traces of facial or chest hair! The image was atrociously clean and this was a result of weekly polishing and facials. Infact Overall, the Indian women gladly welcomed a man into her life who was well kempt and looked atrociously clean and devoid of any facial hair. Infact men in India seemed to be frequenting beauty salons much more often than the women. Which although different was welcomed with open arms, nevertheless most women like me would agree that the rugged male had and will always have their very own special charm.

It is good to be clean and look clean, however it does catch you by surprise if you walk into your brothers room and find that he’s got more creams and lotions than you. It is also embarrassing if your boyfriend stacks perfumes for men and colognes by the dozen when you rely only on a few good notes. This can really send a women tipsy since beauty is her domain, and even if the love of her life steps on it she will not accept it very well. Women anywhere in the world, have always aspired to look beautiful and it does come as a shocker if their men ends up looking better than them. Men from Mars have dreaded to walk on Venus’s territory and this is what women are not too comfortable about.

Not many women give much thought to a man who lathers himself in creams and perfumes. No women would even like her man spending equal amounts of time in the parlour, we are used to them waiting for us and not the other way round. We still do love the man with a rustic look, jaggered toned muscles and chest and just everything very manly. Although it is good that men shave clean, there is nothing really sexy about having an eye candy holding you. We love our men to be dependable and strong and not “chikkna” or “soft”, it will only seem like he needs a women to protect him.

The good news is that men’s rugged looks is getting back in style while we can never really stop them from visiting salons and parlours. The new look is preferably the best where there is a good mix of ruggedness and the metrosexual male look. Like the rugged manly look accentuated with some good perfumes for men.

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