Indian People Are The Worst People: Pure And Proven
vikas gupta • onGeneral 8 years ago • 5 min read

Alright, this is nothing racist… alright? I am saying this so that you don’t react as fast as an explosion and spark off thoughts about banning this blog. This post is rather a criticizer of numerous actions of Indian people and the way they work their way around (try to) their stuff.

Any country first needs these things to stay on the top (in the right condition):

  • People
  • Politics
  • Clarity of thought
  • Common sense
  • Obedience (well… if not 100%, it should exist at least!)


Indian people (mostly males) lack manners. They wont leave alone a couple, a foreigner, a modern dressed woman, a beautiful/pretty/okay type (any, all actually) woman. They won’t let them be in peace if they ever confront the peoples types I mentioned like a couple, women etc…

If there’s a young couple walking on the road, people will look at them like they are having sex in public, and that it is prohibited (not sex, but walking in public – the couple).

If there’s a minimal moderate looking (or beyond) woman walking on the road the Indian males immediately thrust their eyes on the woman and won’t let her be in peace until she almost immediately ignores them and leaves the space. A woman who’s worn a skirt or jeans or even a modern type of t-shirt is penalized by the public of India in the form of dirty stares and chants and even an attempt to rape.

Foreigners… will observe a queue behind them wherever they go, and of course, they (foreign women) will attract stares and moderately dirty stares as well.

Too much about dirty stares for now, and to sum up Indian people’s character:

  1. They are cheap
  2. They are all perverted (men)
  3. They lack manners and common behavioral ethics
  4. They (Indian males) are sex craving dogs


Largest democracy only means largest pool of stupid(insane basically) politicians here in India. Need I say more, politicians are the worst people you will ever come across in India. Worst behavior, worst dressing sense, worst physiques!, and worst work. They don’t work but crave like dogs for power: the power to stay in power yet do nothing… you get it? They don’t address problems leave alone solving them. They support cricketers like crazy – that’s because there are some currency notes going in their pockets all the while. They are corrupt. They are foolish, they are idiots and they do not know how to speak English.

Clarity of thought

Sucks. People of India think they are the best, but everybody knows they are not. Obviously. Whatever these people do, they boast like hell which is completely unnecessary and uncalled for. Yet they do it… why? Because, its India. They bring their culture into almost everything and everybody does agree that they have a rich culture… but that doesn’t mean that they wear it around their hips intolerably like superman’s red noticeable underwear worn outside.

Indian people are a bunch of losers. Because, their attitude towards life sucks, they boast what they do not possess, act as if its their culture alone which is existing in the world at present. And they think rather weirdly… they are just weird man.

Common sense

May be little. But definitely not even average. A majority of this can be owed to the lazy buggers (politicians) of India. Despite various life taking bomb incidents in India during the last year and before, there are no measures against preventing these type of incidents in the future. When there’s a blast… all people come together, and say – we are the people of India, and we will NOT lose our spirit, and we will remain strong! Excuse me, how dumb is that? You guys are strong in resisting? Or did you ever think about something called “prevention” of stuff?

Basically… Indian people are one of the worst kind of people in this world. Whatever I am talking about, I am talking about the majority dimension. Not all.


Sucks again. No behavior, no ethics and no matter. Period.

So this is India – a collection of ego rich people who are jobless and do nothing, besides not letting women live peacefully in their own land. Take no cautions to prevent death in their country, and sleep… the bombs being some kind of temporary alarms. Besides all these ills, they call themselves the best people out there in this world.

All should spit on these kind of people. Really. Don’t you think? I hope this post helps Indian people realize the actual facts… before they usually get enraged for reading the truth about themselves, and most people.

When I say ‘Indians’ I mean, majority of them. Not all. Make sure you don’t point out that there are some people who are good in India. Yes there are, but mate, majority is the topic here

What is your view on Indians? Do you have any experiences and stuff to share? Do you think this post is valid and sane enough? Let your thoughts out – be it anything…


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