Indian Railways - A Network Like No Other
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Travelling by train is by itself a fun experience, and throw in some changing locales like the ones in India – and the fun quotient almost doubles and triples immediately. India is a vast country, and there are countless interesting places to visit within its perimeter.

You can take a trip the mighty Himalayas, where the peaks almost graze against the sky, or you can take a stroll through the dense forests of central India. There are deserts to the North West, and rolling hills and tea gardens to the North East, not to mention the Western Ghats in the western part of the country. Due to the country’s vast nature, travelling from one part of the country to another can be a real problem. Roads in the northern reaches of the country often get blocked due to landslides in the winter, and not all regions are directly accessible through roads.

Thankfully, though, India has a large network of trains that ply through its different regions, and travelling through such trains is the best way to travel within the country. Established originally by the British during colonial times, the railway network in the country has seen some steady growth, with modern amenities being added regularly to all trains to cater to a wide section of people.

The trains released by Indian Railways have air conditioned and non air conditioned coaches, sleeper coaches for night time travel, and sitting coaches for day time travel. There are three classes of air conditioned coaches, and you’ll have the option of choosing a class that falls under your budget. There are long distance trains that run between major and minor cities and there are also suburban trains that ply within the city to various local stations, serving as a mode of general public transport.

It is estimated that Indian Railways covers more than 7083 stations and 64015 kilometers (which roughly translates to 39777 miles) of track. More than 25 million passengers are carried by the trains on a daily basis, making this the most preferred mode of travel within the country.

Due to the huge population in the country, and due to the popularity of such trains, you should ensure that you book your tickets well in advance whenever you opt for train travel. It would be prudent to book your tickets two months beforehand, either through the IRCTC website or through the ticket counter in most websites.

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