Indian Railways - The Many Classes Of Travel
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Trains excite adults and kids alike – kids love trains because they are huge, noisy and faster than other modes of transport that kids know about and adults because trains bring in a nostalgic feeling and remind them about their childhood memories. In India, trains have a general appeal among the public because they’re age old, they’re trusted and they’re common.

You’ll surely be unable to find an Indian who’s not travelled through a train before because these trains are designed to accommodate anyone – from the crème de la crème who travel behind tinted glasses in its air conditioned luxury coaches to the financially inadequate poor, who manage to find a space for themselves in the unreserved section.

There are many classes of travel provided by Indian Railways that you can choose between, when you book your tickets in the counter or online through the IRCTC website. Some of these have been discussed here for your benefit:

Air conditioned coaches are most preferred by tourists and travelers who want a luxurious commute and who don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for the same purpose. There are three classes that such air conditioned coaches are further divided into, and these are AC First Class, AC Second Class and AC Third Class.

AC First Class coaches are the most expensive ones on the train, and they aren’t available in all trains. The trains that run between metropolitan areas are sure to have such coaches and the tickets in this level are quite expensive.

AC Second Class coaches charge comparatively less rates, and these are not as luxurious as first class coaches. You’ll be able to enjoy some privacy in these coaches though; as you’ll have a reading lamp for your use, and curtains that can keep outside light and activities away.

AC Third Class Coaches are the economical equivalent of the regular AC coaches, and these are targeted towards the upper middle class. Curtains are provided in these coaches too, and the rates are affordable.

Sleeper class coaches provided by Indian Railways are basic coaches that have berths for night time travel. These are not air conditioned but they are well ventilated, and they are perfect for purposes of regular travel. They are also perfect for long distance journeys, because in such cases you’ll easily grow tired of sitting in a standard position. Chair cars and sitting coaches are available in air conditioned and non air conditioned types and these are ideal for short distance travel.

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