Indian Titanic
Shilpa • onHumor 12 years ago • 1 min read

If the Titanic was made in India:

10) There would be 10 times as many people on the ship.

9) There has to be a song with a girl wearing a white dress, singing in the rain.

8) By the end of the movie he finds his mom, dad, sister and brother.

7) It's seven and half-hours long.

6) The movie would be called "Doobta Hua Pyar".

5) Kate Winslet played by Madhuri Dixit, and Leonard Di' Caprio played by Salman Khan.

4) The boat would sink, because there are too many people on it.

3) None of the people would float for long cause of the saris.

2) They would be serving mango fruity on the boat.

1) Wait a minute it was an Indian movie if you think abou it.


Can you imagine how many times we would hear "Bachaoooo"!!!

PS: The hero, heroine, his mom, dad, sister and brother will float in the cold water for days and yet survive. The villain will drown in the first drops of water.



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