Infertility Can Be Treated In A Natural Way
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Due to the low price and availability of the oil from cotton seeds quite often used in food and cosmetics industries. It is extremely durable and odorless; it contains a natural pesticide toxic gossypol, which protects the plant from insects, to be chemically refined.

Why we are worried about? It is proved that the substance gossypol essentially male contraception, which significantly reduces the sperm count and motility of sperm. China is in fact used as a male oral contraceptive. Yellow pigment gossypol is extracted from cottonseed, which contains polyphones. Insulate it from seeds, roots or stems of cotton. Gossypol shows direct spermicidal effects.


All this information can be obtained by analysis of a semen sample.

  • Then count the number of sperm in the sample and emitted to the quantity of it is determined number of sperm per ml of seminal fluid. The number varies very much in the same man from the review to a review of possible causes, not quite. To speak of fertile men must be at least 20 million sperm per ml
  • The morphology is determined by the whole series of specific parameters. A normal sperm has an oval head, cylindrical body and ends with a cylindrical tail that ends in a tip. Each sperm that not just the morphology is considered anormalnega.

It is perfectly understandable that the pattern of a number of sperm anormalnih, but if that number is too large a reduction in fertility. By the standards of World Health Organization must be at least 30% percent of normal sperm in the specimen.

What hygiene is adequate to keep a healthy penis?

The same as for women, is also true for men, less is more. Too often, washing the penis with soaps do more harm than good. Uncircumcised men should your penis also be washed only with running water and wipe it thoroughly. Diligent and thorough cleaning is especially important for men who are uncircumcised penis. Serial circumcision penis while having no solid scientific basis, but it is definitely recommended circumcision in cases where too tight skin (pharoses) prevents adequate cleaning penis. Under the foreskin is accumulated magma (that is a mixture of dead skin secretions of glands and bacteria) that may lead to inflammation. Too often (and too rarely), washing the penis has been associated with inflammation of the penis. Salt water is suitable when the penis be thoroughly cleaned. Penis after washing always rinses. Clean and dry environment is best for the penis. Appropriate hygiene of the penis, is said to have a preventive effect against cancer of penis.

Cool your crotch

The biggest enemy of male fertility which can strongly influence alone the temperature crotch. Fashion, excessively compressed to the body is too warm, too heated fashion will produce less sperm. Constantly sitting leads to increased temperatures, thus affecting the capacity of man that begets a child. Represent an additional threat as laptop computers. Loose garments are preferable to a lot of skinny pants, allowing the temperature a few degrees of mod below body temperature. Fashion is not only because of warm clothing. A man, who wants children, should avoid saunas, hot baths and all environments that could overheat their fashion - that is also heated car seats! Normal sperm count is expected to recover after about a week after being exposed to high temperatures.

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