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Athletes and people that have occupations that require a great deal of physical activity such as firefighters often suffer from chronic fatigue. Once the infections are treated, chronic fatigue usually disappears. Dehydration can also be a cause of chronic fatigue with many people not paying attention to their daily water intake, with chronic fatigue being one of the results. Symptoms of fatigue include the following:

• Weakness, lack of energy, tiredness, exhaustion • Passing out or feeling as if you are going to pass out • Palpitations (feeling your heart beating) • Reduced immune system function • Blurry vision

• Short term memory problems • Poor concentration • Hallucinations

Dietary recommendations: -

• Eat less: -Avoid alcohol, caffeine and tobacco, as these substances are highly toxic to the adrenal and other glands. Stay away from fats, fried foods, ham, pork, highly processed foods, red meats, soft drinks, sugar and white flour. These foods put unnecessary stress on the adrenals.

• Eat more: - Consume plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables - particularly green, leafy ones. Brown rice, legumes, olive and safflower oils, nuts, seeds, wheat germ and whole grains are healthy additions to the diet. Eat deep water fish such as salmon and tuna - at least 3 times a week.

You can have the benefit of sound therapy at any place. It doesn't matter whether you are at your home, your workplace or any other place. All you need is music player and the CD/ cassette of the sounds as prescribed under the therapy. This way you don't have to waste any time to take special sessions. Also this therapy is very cheap and affordable when you compare it to other forms of stress relieving procedures.

Emotional stress is what people consider when they think about stress. Emotional health is paramount to your health and well-being. To get a grasp on your stress you have to take time to understand your emotional state. When you do you can change it to reduce the stress in your life.

Name one symptom and it is related to stress. We all have stress symptoms. This is a part of life. How we each deal with stress in our lives leaves clues to our quality of life. Symptoms speak volumes to how we deal with life.

You want to be more specific? Your heart beat is related to stress. At rest it beats to pump blood through your body. The more you work, the harder it beats and when you really over-do it, it can't keep up with your demands.

But the question isn't all the symptoms of stress that society keeps chasing. It is in finding the cause of stress related to your symptoms. Remove the cause of your stress and you remove the affect of your stress.

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