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Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects the nervous system. It is also known as a seizure disorder, because a person suffering from epilepsy has seizures. It is diagnosed when a person has two or more seizures that were not caused by some known medical condition such as alcohol withdrawal or extremely low blood sugar.

Amongst the diseases that have frequently gripped Americans, Epilepsy is also the one. Though epilepsy allows its patients to lead a normal life yet the disease can be fatal due to the unexpected occurrence of seizures. In a small number of cases the implantation of the stimulator in the indistinct nerve or a exacting diet may be useful.

However, they are many grey areas which can create confusion. For example, a case of a young adult who has a single seizure at the age of 19, one day after a late night and heavy alcohol intake. Epilepsy patients should follow strict diet; they should live in a relaxed environment and they should do minimum or less intensity exercise on a regular basis. Once in a week a fruit diet is good for these patients.

Likewise, some disturbance may occur to affect special sensations in the brain, i.e., sensation of sight (when the patient experiences dots or momentary bright lights), of hearing (when he hears odd noises), of smell or taste (i.e. abnormal/ unpleasant sensations of smell or taste etc.)

People, whether they have epilepsy or not, should go through 90-minute cycles of Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep and Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (NREM and REM) throughout the night. As the night wears on, the shift should be more towards REM sleep. Fresh grape juice consumption works almost like a miracle for an epilepsy patient. The patient of epilepsy should drink 500ml grape juice three times daily for minimum three months.

This simple natural remedy will surely help him/her get better control over epileptic seizures. In a nutshell, in epilepsy, there is a disturbance in various functions of the brain relating to motor function, consciousness, sensation, emotion etc., and its various clinical manifestations occur when any / some of the above functions an~ disturbed.

The symptoms may always differ relying on what kind of seizure it is. In many of the cases, an individual with epilepsy would tend to get the same kind of seizure very time; hence the symptoms would be extremely same from one episode to another. However few of the individuals have numerous distinct kinds of seizure, along with distinct symptoms every time Conclusive medical research indicates that epilepsy is not contagious.

It is not caused by mental illness or retardation. Most people suffering from epilepsy have a normal or above average intelligence. A majority of patients are able to lead normal lives. Epilepsy cannot be completely cured. However, it has been a common condition that is recognized since ancient times, but is also a common folklore around epilepsy which is full of both truths and inaccuracies. Some of these truths and inaccuracies can be a cause of major stigma. Hence, it is better not to provide false statement if one's not sure about it.

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