Intercourse Tips And After Intercourse Tips
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Yes, this method is tried and is very dependent Khtirh scene and the new method and creates an atmosphere immersed in pleasure of sex, longing, warm.

How and what is required from the wife so that they feel this atmosphere and his milk in Peta and her husband:


• To buy or when you have a wife shirt color (flesh) and the same color as a transparent body shows its beauty from behind the shirt, such as the chest area and below

• Develop mild late father Mick is consistent with the smoothness of T-shirt and the body of the wife and soon to be Owner of preferred • Bloat buy small and put them around the house where the ground to be covered Ballonet colored roses or if you do not find in Blue • Aliidhaih reduce somewhat the place of dinner is different from the place which is by eating food such as in the bedroom or the hall or other, and the food was in the habit to be on the ground this time on the table and vice versa

Tips after intercourse, wash and scrub after intercourse

All kinds of soap and detergents have the ability severe to kill sperm and that this detergent alkaline interaction, but it is capable of causing paralysis in the movement of sperm, one can say that the work of the shower vaginal after sex reduces the chances of pregnancy but not as a means of contraception, the sperm possible to reach to the neck of the uterus as soon as she got down in the vagina, but if you use women enema douche vaginal way pressure as a method of contraception and kill sperm, which reached to the neck of the uterus, the liquid used in the shower Vaginal up to the cervix or womb itself or pipes leading cause inflammation, which may reach the peritoneal membrane lining the abdomen causing a rise in body temperature.

Therefore we can say that the vagina cleans itself need not to work intravaginal shower after intercourse All that is required is to clean the vagina from the outside with warm water and soap without water up into the vagina.

  • It should be noted that vaginal douches does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, for example, did not prove that the soap killer of such microbes.

Has proven to be douches vaginal lead to more harm because there is in the vagina microbes useful secrete acids, certain fatty acids are pious vagina from infection with microbes harmful and shower vaginal may remove these microbes and thus the vagina susceptible to microbial identification, and can say that the shower vaginal may be useful vagina patient but it does not benefit the vagina proper.

  • It was found that there is an inverse relationship between economic and social levels and the use of vaginal douches - the more fell this level increased the safer use douches.

  • And vaginal douches, which contain only water or water and vinegar diluted, may not hurt but the use of vaginal douches content on many of the chemicals may lead to inflammation of the skin or mucous membrane as a result of the body's sensitivity to such microbes.

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