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"Invisible" Barriers to Your Success"

Did you know that elephants are trained to stay where they are by tying a rope around one of their massive legs and attaching it to a peg in the ground? Can the peg and rope really hold back an elephant? Absolutely not!

Then why does it work? Because elephants grow up believing it will. Maybe they tried pulling away when they were young with no success. Maybe they were injured by their action. After enough failures, they stop trying. They no longer test the restraint, and confine themselves when tethered to the rope.

During the course of my life and career I have run into many people (and no doubt will run into many more) who are holding themselves captive with their own "elephant tether." Cheryl, for example, one of my co-workers years ago, was limiting herself and her goals by always seeking approval from her mother before taking action.



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  • Guest 9 years ago

    you find it normally in every office. typically, all employees are used to taking 'approvals' in the beginning of their careers. even after moving up the ladder, they look for someone for approvals.