Irregular Periods Causes And Herbal Remedies For Premenstrual Syndrome
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Irregular periods are not impossible, but you would need to exert extra efforts. On women who have regular periods, pregnancy already takes few essential steps. For those who hold irregular cycles on the other hand, you will require more steps although the first ones may be the same as those with the regular cycles. Still, do your best to adhere to these tips persistently.

It is important to first find out whether you hold an irregular cycle or not. Now, regular period is when you have a menstrual cycle that classifies within the range of 21 up to 36 days. Hence, for some women, you will have one month when you will not go through any menstrual period at all.

Causes of Irregular Periods

• A woman can have irregular periods due to significant weight loss or weight gain.

• Many women who are smokers experience irregular periods.

• Excessive intake of coffee is also a cause of irregular menstruation.

• Some specific drugs can also cause menstrual irregularities.

• Use of excessive alcohol can also disturb hormonal metabolism which also disturbs menstrual cycle.

• One of the causes can be uterine abnormalities like polyps, cysts, fibroids and endometriosis.

• Recent child birth or miscarriage is also one of the causes of irregularity.

• Some women have period irregularities when they breast feeding.

• There can be some changes in menstrual cycle if there is beginning of menopause in a woman.

• Drug abusers can also have some irregularities in their periods.

• A disease called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can cause estrogen dominance in the blood which can be the cause of irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

• Over exercise can also result in irregular menstruation.

• Poor nutrition and diet which is rich in carbohydrates is also related to hormonal imbalance and menstrual disturbances.

• Some drugs can also cause irregularities in menstruation.

• Some eating disorders like bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa also cause menstrual cycle irregularities.

• In some cases increased stress is cause of irregular menstruation.

Herbal Remedies


This is a good stimulating herb, so it is advised not to use this herb right before bedtime because it might make you perspire, or it might make you experience a hot flash. Grate fresh ginger and boil in fresh water for about 20 minutes, remove from the stove/heat and allow cooling a little and drinking up. You can also use powdered ginger if you like.


Good ole parsley! It can be bought at your nearest grocery store. You can use the dried up parsley to brew tea and drink 3 to 4 cups in order to stimulate delayed period. You can also use fresh parsley to achieve the same effect, just put a handful of fresh parsley in a pot of hot or boiled water and allow it to steep for about 20 or 30 minutes, strain and viola.

Lifestyle Changes

Seek professional help

If you suffer from an eating disorder see your doctor, he or she will see to it that you get help for this problem.

Reduce stress

Let alone anything that will reason you to obtain stressed out. Find time to relax and take it easy, doing this might get your period back without fuss.

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Irregular Periods


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