Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Bloating, Abdominal Pain Or Tenderness
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The irritable bowel syndrome is considered to be due to a combination of a variety of biological and psychosocial factors. In this case, the observations of Hippocrates that it is important to know what kind of person have a disease than what disease a person has. It is characterized by symptoms in the intestine, lasting more than three months and includes bloating, abdominal pain or tenderness.

The irritable bowel syndrome, often referred to as spastic colon, is the most common disorders of the digestive system. Affected up to 20% of adults at some point in their life have the syndrome. It is a functional bowel disorder. There are no tests to show that the disease caused by organic disorder of the structure of the intestine.

The syndrome is most common between 20 and 40 years. Women are affected more frequently sap men. For every 3 women 1 man only suffers from irritable bowel syndrome.

The most common signs and symptoms of disease are: 1. Bloating and excessive gas in the intestines (flatulence), especially after eating
2. Abdominal pain (they disappear after emptying)
3. Switch constipation and diarrhea
4. Feeling emergency defecation
5. Abnormal forms of feces containing mucus and

They have set criteria to assist in the placement of the diagnosis. These criteria require the following for the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome: * Pain or discomfort in the abdomen for at least 12 weeks for 12 months prior. These 12 weeks do not have to be consecutive
* Pain or discomfort in the abdomen, should have 2 of the following 3 features: relieved by defecation When starting, there was a change in frequency of defecation When starting, there is a change in the form of feces and how they appear The factors that aggravate irritable bowel syndrome include: 1. Stress
2. The consumption of large meals
3. Meals rich in fat or high fiber content
4. During Blood in stools not included with the symptoms of spastic colon. If there is blood in the stool is necessary to require medical attention.

The food is cause of the syndrome. But there are patients suffering from the disease and who point out that after eating certain foods, the syndrome worse.

Patients with lactose intolerance, seeing that after drinking milk or other dairy product consumption, the symptoms worsen. In such cases it is an organic disease caused by the absence of the enzyme that breaks down lactose in the intestine. The lactose intolerance is a different disease from spastic colitis and treatment including an avoidance of milk or milk products.

For the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, helps reduce stress and regular exercise. It is also preferable for patients to eat small frequent meals instead of the traditional three meals a day. This balanced healthy diet as well as the avoidance of Edible the patient feels worse the symptoms, improve the situation.

Where painful spasms of the colon and diarrhea, anticonvulsants are are drugs that can help to be given on medical advice.

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