Is Actress Trisha Lesbian?
Priyamani • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

Is Trisha Lesbian?

The petite beauty Trisha has often been deemed as a girl who is strict and reserved on the sets but then there are instances where her wild side was revealed off the sets. Known for the incidents of pub scuffles or the infamous bathroom video, though no confirmations have been given on any of them, Trisha sure ruffles up a buzz or two.

lesbian trisha

This time, a strong grapevine is making rounds and the gossip mills are wondering if Trisha is a lesbian. Well, these thoughts come after several reports of her relation with the ravishing seductress Ramya krishna. Given the belief that Trisha has not been linked up to heroes or any popular guy, this relation has taken the special attention of the rumor mills and narrow minded morons, say many. Well, time will answer this question.


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