Is It Probable That Auto Insurance For SUV Is Cheaper?
Jordy • onFinance 8 years ago • 2 min read

As you in all probability know, a number of variables are being used by insurance providers so they can determine insurance premiums. Undoubtedly , the make and model of your car plays a huge role. And rightly so. It would not be fair if all cars need exactly the same level of insurance cover.

It really is common sense to think that sport and exotic cars are more expensive to insure. Bigger engines generate more hp and as far as your insurance company is concerned, this means higher insurance costs.

But, does this actually mean that bigger vehicles are always more expensive to insure than smaller ones? The answer, believe it or not, is NO. Statistically, SUVs are less expensive to insure than the majority of cars. You are almost certainly asking yourself why?

Well, there are 2 main factors, both associated with the kind of drivers who generally own such cars. SUVs are typically family vehicles. It is just natural for mothers and fathers who are driving their kids to school or football practice to be extra careful on the road.

They usually do not drive during the night or in poor weather conditions. What this signifies, obviously, is that SUVs have better "accident history" than some other cars. Its more probable that a young motorist will cause an accident with a small and less powerful car, than a mom driving an SUV on her way to the mall.

Insurance providers pay a lot of attention to these statistics. If a specific make and model has a great accident history, than its owners will reap the benefits of cheaper insurance premiums.

One more reason why SUVs are less expensive to insure is safety. Just about all family autos are packed with safety features, which is certainly one of their primary selling points.

A solid arguing point here is that SUVs aren't really the most ecologically friendly vehicles out there. It won't be a complete shock if in the very near future insurance companies start giving discount rates to "greener" cars. For now, having a SUV suggests that you have a better chance of finding affordable auto insurance.

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