Is Your Laptop Password Protected?
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Along with the far-ranging use of computers, we prefer to store most our serviceable data in our laptop rather than notebook. Thus, Laptop password security awareness is attached to an important position. What actions should we take to reset the lost password? Will we recollect or clear up all the data again? Impossible!

According to online survey, the statistics data reached up to 66.67% that laptop users have not yet protected laptop password. Is your PC password protected? If not, here we will recommend two hackneyed methods: creating BIOS passwords and Windows passwords.

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Table of Contents :

Part one: Protect your laptop with BIOS Passwords 1. What is BIOS password? 2. How to create a BIOS password? 3. How to reset BIOS password?

Part two: Protect your laptop with Windows Password 1. What is Windows Password? 2. How to protect your laptop with a Windows password? 3. How to reset Windows password?

Part one: Protect your laptop with BIOS Passwords

1. What is BIOS Password? BIOS Password is the extremely strong password that locks up the hardware and makes the laptop completely unusable. Only logging with the password can you enter into the operating system.

2. How to create a BIOS password? Step 1: Restart laptop, and press F2 continuously to the following interface.  create biso password

Step 2: Select the Security with cursor and choose Set User password or Set User Password. bios-password

Difference between Set User Password and Set Supervisor Password: User Password controls access to the system at boot; Supervisor Password controls access to the setup utility.

Step 3: Press the Enter, and fill the three blanks with your password.  create biso password

Step 4: Press Enter and pop up Setup Notice, which means that you have reset BIOS password.  create biso password

Step 5: Press F10 to save it and select Yes to exit, your laptop will logon automatically.  create biso password

It is no doubt that creating a BIOS password is important to us. However, we will confront with much trouble if we forgot BIOS password. Thus, BIOS password reset seems as significant as creating a BIOS password.

3. How to reset BIOS password? Method One: Using Standard BIOS Backdoor Passwords to reset BIOS password

A backdoor is one of the best way to protect BIOS password which is provided for users to access the BIOS when the hardware is being maintained. Tip: Some type of backdoor passwords will work in vain when entering wrong password for more than three times.

Here are some well-known backdoor passwords:

  • AMI Backdoor BIOS Passwords: including A.M.I., AAAMMMIII, PASSWORD and so on.
  • Phoenix Backdoor BIOS Passwords: such as BIOS, CMOS, PHOENIX.
  • Award Backdoor BIOS Passwords: including ALLY, pint, SKY_FOX, 598598 and so on.

Method Two: Using software to reset BIOS password This program - CMOSpwd works only when you have accessed to your PC and run software (means that you haven’t yet set an administrator password.)

Part two: Protect your laptop with Windows Password

As we all know, it is a popular and convenient way to protect laptop with creating Windows password regardless of individuals or communities.

1. What is Windows Password? Windows Password is the confirmation code that a PC user requesting access to the Windows system is really that particular user.

2. How to protect your laptop with a Windows password? Generally, we would like to create an administrator password with which the owner can log on to the Windows system. And then you can create a Windows password reset disk. With a few long and complicated passwords, is it an easy thing to remember? Or in case we lost the reset disk? What should we do?

3. How to reset Windows password? Now, we’d commend you a professional Windows password reset software— Windows Password Unlocker as your reference.

Windows password Unlocker is usableness to reset Windows password securely and speedy, which provides an ISO image burned by a blank or erasable CD/DVD. Keep easy-going and follow us with the step-by-step guide.


    1. If you choose a CD/DVD as the device, take CD-ROM Drive as first when boot in BIOS settings.
    1. Please reset BIOS settings or pop out of the boot device after completing Windows password reset, otherwise the removal process appears again when restart.
  • Step 1: Download Windows Password Unlocker
  • Step 2: Open BurnCCDD, and load ISO image file into the full path with Browse.
  • Step 3: Burn the image file into a blank or erasable CD/DVD, USB Flash drive or Floppy disk.
  • Step 4: BIOS settings.
  • Step 5: Reset Windows password.

With the step-by-step guide, you’ll catch sight of the whole process of operating Windows password reset.

With the two of well-known methods of protecting your laptop provided above, have you mastered? By the way, create a BIOS Password to protect your laptop is more suitable for professionals who are proficient in PC technique. While create a Windows Password is a universal and easy way to operate even for a tyro. We hope the guides can be serviceable for you.


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