IT Girls Targeted In Tollywood Movie
Shilpa • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 2 min read

IT girls targeted in Tollywood Movie

There is a notion that Software engineers are generally considered as intelligentsia with presence of minds. With world economic crisis hovering around IT field, it is a fact that many are loosing their jobs in this most prosperous sector. Creative movie makers of Tollywood many a times tried to make fun of the situation.

Latest to join the series is Vaibhav’s “Kasko”. Second heroine of the movie hot gowri pandit is an employee of a BPO company who looses her job due to recession and joins as a sales girl in a readymade garments outlet. MD of this outlet introduces gowri pandit to their staff as a girl who worked for Software Company and experienced all the tricks to attract customers and increase the sales.

He even suggests the team of sales girls to follow gowri pandit and learn the bag of hot tricks to increase their customer base. Well, it is clear with good amount of double and spicy meaning hidden targeting IT BPO girls as those who possess good number of tricks to attract the clients for their company. The way it is interpreted in the movie is like an insult to these girls…and many viewers were seen discussing about this subject even after coming out of the movie.


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