It Is Not Hard To Say Sorry..dont Feel Ashamed
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Once you really get the courage to say sorry, use it. Because sometimes we hardly say sorry to our partners while breaking ups and fights, in spite of the fact that actually we are ourselves responsible for the faults. Though it is not a tough ordeal to say I am so sorry.

Very few people actually have the courage to say sorry. Actually, its not about the sense of etiquette and manners but one really needs to be courageous to say sorry. And when it comes to the love relationships, then it almost becomes an ordeal to say sorry to your sweetheart. Perhaps it was not your fault but in spite of that often your partner is awaiting to hear this sacred word from you.

If it is your fault, then make up your mind that you have to say sorry forgetting all your self respect. In fact once you have said sorry, your self respect will be innate in front of your lover. Most of the times we do the stupidest acts and expect others to come and apologize. Our silly ego never let us stoop our heads, whatever the fault is. This is where we are lagging behind from them who does not hesitate to say sorry.

While being in love many a stupid things happen. We forget our anniversaries, birth dates of our partners, forget their favorite food and perfume, their favorite color, we forget to reach at time on date, we often say loads of gibberish to them and expect a runner applause. Sometimes our stupidity reaches to its height and we behave utterly nonsense in case of eulogizing as well as rectifying their deeds. But we never feel to say sorry to others because of these. We do not find any mistakes done but what actually is been done is the accidental break-ups. Loving somebody is not a hard job but continuing this relationship is a challenge. Small mistakes like these often crate an unexpected disaster and our heart breaks in no time.

While rehearsing to say sorry, one should not forget whether he or she really wants to say sorry or doing all these only in order to impress their partners. If you really feel sorry then only try these following tips:

1.Call her up and say that you are really sorry. Do this as soon as possible. When the problem is just been created, the wound is very fresh so he or she will not take much time to recover from it if you have said sorry very early.

2.If your partner is immensely angry and not picking your phone call, then send her flowers and chocolates, other gifts which might remind him or her about the nicest things you have done together. Add a note writing you are sorry.

3.If you have time and really want to do something that he or she will never forget, pick up a camera and take some snaps showing how sorry you feel without her. You can even create a video. This will surely confirm him or her, how much you miss him or her.

4.Cook his or her favorite dishes if you can. If not then take him or her to a good place and arrange a great treat. Give a sorry greeting card.

5.Finally hold her hand and say sorry. Hug her. If she hugs you back, you are out of danger and safe. Because she has finally forgotten you.

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