Items You Must Buy In India On Your Next Visit
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Apart from buying art and handicrafts in India, the country is also famous for the variety of authentic antiques and accessories. The accessories that can be bought in India are traditional and have been passed on generations. If you are in the capital, you will be surprised to know that some of the most authentic accessories are found in small by lanes that throng the city. Mentioned below are some the important must buys to take back as a memorabilia to your country.

Antiques and wares- There are several stores in the city where you could get authentic antiques in brass, wood and silver. A few of the popular products available include the gramophones made out of silver, wood and brass sculpture of Hindu deities apart from many other products. The antiques available are usually state specific but you need not travel to these states to lay your hands on any of them.

The carved sandalwood deities are specific to the state of Karnataka while the bras and silver figures available are specific to the state of West Bengal and other states in North India. The sandalwood products are generally quite expensive to buy, however, if you have a tight budget then you can settle for the brass and silver antiques. There are several places that you could buy these from, to name a few, Dariba Kalan, Janpath, Sunder Nagar and the Tibetan Market. At all these places, you could put your bargaining skills to test.

Indian Bangles- Bangles have always been synonymous with Indian women. There are many versions of the bangles all around the world that have been copied from the Indian bangles. However, if you are looking at buying the most authentic of them, then the glass bangles are a must. Since they are worn commonly by Indian women, you could get the in all sorts of colours that match with the colour of your clothing. The bangles are versatile and can be worn on western clothes as well. If these bangles do interest you, then head to Lajpat Nagar where you could find these in all sorts of colours and designs. The Lajpat Nagar is one of the oldest markets in Central Delhi.

Shoes- Traditional slippers have been worn right from the days of the maharajas and the Mughal rulers. Called the juttis, these are embroidered and the origins of these were with crystal beads and pearls. Today, it is difficult to find juttis made of pearls and juttis, but you find them embroidered in silver and gold. These juttis are available at the Dilli Haat Janpath, Tibetan Market and Pharganj. Not only do these places offer shoes that look great, but they offer the best value for money and affordable prices in India for such items.

Carpets- Although you know that buying a carpet means you need a lot of space to carry along, it is still worth taking a look at. The most famous carpets available are from Kashmir and the carpet industry existing here is the largest in the world. The carpets are beautifully made of wool with silk woven into it. The carpets available are of varied price and can be bought for the best price in the famous Delhi markets like Sunder Nagar and Lajpat Nagar.

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