It's You!!!!
Nandi Vardhan • on 9 years ago • 1 min read

I had a girlfriend(she wasn't just my girl friend she was everything).I used to treat her as my wife.We used to celebrate our anniversary.Our relationship lasted 3 years.Unfortunately we broke up due to caste problem at her place. I faced the toughest phase in my life.It is been hell for the past 8 months. Here i am posting one of the poems i wrote for her on our first year anniversary.

      An eventful year has passed,
      felt as though an hour as ticked.

      Filleth my heart is your mesmerising smile,
      that makes my train of sorrows to derail.

      There were days when you cired,
      which left a grave pain deep buried.

      Even in my real hard and tough days,
      you stood by me showing number of gateways.

      My heart swayed in the breeze of your breath,
      left me drenched by your love's depth.

     In everything i see,feel,hear,smell,taste you,
     only to realise i live for one and only you.

     Now that you have become very much intimate,
     I plead you to be my forever soulmate.


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  • Govind Joshi 9 years ago
    hey man,just get cool,it happens in life.dont get disheartened.take my advice,try to get her,if she loves you with full deication,dont loose your opportunity to get her,love is precious