Jaipur Hotels – The Various Options For A Traveler
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Jaipur is an old city that was established a long time ago and it is a very popular tourist destination visited by many people from across the country. Jaipur is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the state of Rajasthan and it is a prime place for tourism. One can see foreign tourists in the city at any point of time and it is a multi faceted tourist center. Jaipur is known as the Pink City and it is renowned for its majestic buildings and forts.

There are many of these old buildings littered around the place and each building is unique. Many Jaipur hotels are located in these old buildings and this adds to the mystic nature of the place. Hotels in Jaipur are a quaint mix of Rajput architecture and modern sophistication and this combination is sure to make your stay a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Since there are countless hotels in the city, choosing one can be a tough task. Some of the well known hotels in Jaipur are Hotel Holiday Inn, The Raj Palace Hotel, Hotel Sarang Palace, Pearl Palace Hotel and Park Prime Hotel.

The Super Saver Five Star Hotel is one of the unique Jaipur hotels and it located quite close to the airport. The hotel features a range of different rooms that are exquisitely decorated. The ambience helps the guests relax and unwind as well. The hotel is known for its extreme level of hospitality and this is evident from the fruit baskets that are available in every room.

The rooms are equipped with spacious beds and mini bars, hair dryers and cable televisions. The bathroom is well equipped with slippers, robes, toiletries and weighing scales. The hotel also offers excellent room service. The restaurants at the hotel offer excellent Rajasthani and Indian cuisine as well as continental food. The bathrooms have 24 hour hot and cold water services as well.

This [Jaipur] (http://www.mustseeindia.com/Jaipur)hotel is also equipped with conference rooms, high speed internet and Wi Fi services. Other amenities include swimming pools, Jacuzzis, gyms and health clubs. The hotel arranges sightseeing trips and airport pick up and drops.

There are numerous places like this all over the city, but you have to book your room well in advance to be ensured of a reservation. Jaipur has a good mix of all types of hotels and this makes it suitable for all types of travelers. You are sure to find the exact accommodation that you require in Jaipur.


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