Jaisalmer - Dancing Among The Dunes
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Taking a trip to Jaisalmer can be a very remarkable experience as you will experience the feel of a desert breeze on your skin and will wade through miles and miles of eerily clear desert sand. Rajasthan is a land of Kings and Mansions and the city of Jaisalmer is no different, because it lives up to the glory of its state. While in Jaisalmer, you can opt for one of the many luxury hotels available in the region, as all these hotels are well furnished and ready to pamper you with care and comfort.

This is precisely why hotels in Jaisalmer are famous, because these hotels pay close attention to the needs of their residents and do everything to make sure that their stay in the hotel is a very memorable and eventful one. Try one of the luxury and five star hotels in the city of Jaisalmer, and you will know precisely what Rajasthani hospitality feels like.

These hotels make sure that they provide their guests with high end services including Wi-Fi and unlimited internet connectivity, along with well designed and comfortable rooms with ornate and intricately carved oriental pieces and design elements.

All rooms in these hotels in Jaisalmer will also be air conditioned in order to combat the desert heat, while heater services will also be available in order to make sure that your stay remains comfortable during the winter months, when the desert region is biting cold. While in Jaisalmer, you can opt for a stay in one of the countless Jaisalmer resorts available, including Mirvana Nature Resort and Moonlight Khuri resort.

These Jaisalmer hotels and resorts are located outside the city, and you can reach these resorts through a 30 minute drive, in order to soak at the pinnacle of luxury. Surrounded by sand dunes, these hotels will charge anywhere around 7000 INR for a night’s stay. These resorts are one of the best accommodation options as staying in a resort will also allow you go on a desert safari trip, organized entirely by the management.

Almost all rooms in the high end hotels are air conditioned. These rooms will also have adequate heating facilities, as winters in Jaisalmer can be quite harsh. Opting for luxury hotels and resorts in Jaisalmer can thus be really advantageous, as the climate in Jaisalmer is normally extreme and you can avoid taking chances while staying in the region this way.

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