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Jaisalmer is home to hotels in different categories and the heritage hotels of the city are among the most luxurious ones. Heritage hotels in Jaisalmer strive to maintain the luxury of the past and maintain the traditions of the Maharajas. Heritage hotels are generally located in old palaces or forts and they maintain the same décor. However there are a few heritage Jaisalmer hotels that are different and one such hotel is the Kuldhara Heritage Resort. This Jaisalmer hotel is located around 5 kms from the village of Kuldhara and it provides the guests with the ultimate experience of village life. The hotel is located around 11 kms from the city proper and it is situated in a 15 acre property.

The Kuldhara Heritage Hotel is one of the hotels in Jaisalmer provides a picture of a typical Rajasthani village. The buildings are a series of mud houses that resemble the accommodation of local villagers and craftsman. It is said that the guests can experience the ethereal silence of the Thar Desert when they are staying at the Kuldhara Heritage Hotel. Guests are able to experience the peace and tranquility of village life and get a first hand glimpse of the different traditions and cultures of the villagers.

Heritage Jaisalmer hotels are equipped with all the modern facilities and they to the needs of the various international travelers. Modern facilities include conference halls, internet services, and money changing facilities, on duty doctors, travels desks, laundry services and sightseeing options. Heritage hotels such as the Kuldhara Heritage Hotel and the Monsoon Palace provide a glimpse of the traditional life of the Rajasthan people.

The Monsoon Palace is a 600 year old building that combines traditional décor and hospitality with modern standards of living. The exquisite architecture and décor makes it a popular place for many tourists. There are 11 pristinely decorated rooms in the Monsoon Palace, where the guests can relax and completely unwind. Most of the heritage hotels arrange safaris and tours into the desert as well. Camel safaris are a good experience during the winter season, when the heat of the desert is not oppressive. Staying at the heritage hotels anywhere in Rajasthan is a phenomenal experience and the city of Jaisalmer is no exception. Heritage hotels generally tend to have very limited accommodation and they always cater to a small set of guests at any given time. This enables them to provide personalized services to the guests through the stay.

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