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Speak of luxury and opulence and the images of the heritage hotels of Jaisalmer emerge. The splendor and comfort one experiences here is unmatched and has become so popular that staying in these hotels qualifies as a holiday idea on its own. Choose from the colossal list of heritage hotels, palace hotels, 5 star hotels and budget hotels, for your stay in Jaisalmer.

Plan a stay in the Gorbandh Palace hotel or Fort Rajwada to enjoy king-like experience. In these hotels you can find a perfect blend of royalty with modern day amenities. Besides enjoying the traditional Rajasthani food and culture, you can indulge in various activities like desert camps that are organized by the hotels. With world class ambiance, lavish decor and a perfect mingle of comfort and luxury, your stay at these first class Jaisalmer hotels is sure to be memorable.

Most of the suites in these heritage hotels are theme based and have interesting decor. These hotels display an essence of elegance and warmth. Among the various in-house facilities provided at these hotels, tourists can indulge in various indoor games, jeep and jungle safaris and camel riding safaris for children and adults alike. On request, the hotel staff can also arrange for picnics and bonfire parties.

Jaisalmer, the Jewel of Rajasthan also offers accommodation in various semi deluxe and budget hotels. Arrange for a stay in the Fifu Guest House or Hotel Golden City, which promises to provide excellent services and ambiance at very attractive rates. Almost all the hotels maintain the traditional Rajasthani setting, giving the tourists a chance to experience the surreal delight of the bygone days.

The Jaisalmer hotels are not just about grandeur and medieval charm. While the heritage and palace hotels offer quaintness of architecture, luxury and comfort, the budget hotels are the perfect dwelling for the tourists who are on shoe string budget.

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