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Jaisalmer is a city that is famous for its hospitality and its numerous hotels provide some of the most luxurious facilities in the state of Rajasthan. The former princely state contains hotels that are available in different segments and classes. Many Jaisalmer hotels are former forts or palaces.

The hotels have managed to retain their rich cultural past as well. Many hotels in Jaisalmer offer excellent packages for tourists during the festival period, especially during the Desert festival period. Hotels in the city of Jaisalmer provide unmatched luxury in terms of food, accommodation and even décor. Some of the most luxurious hotels that are present in the city of Jaisalmer are The Gateway Hotel Rawalkot, Mirvana Nature Resort, The Royal Court, and Hotel Nachna Havelli amongst others.

The main attraction of these luxury hotels is their style of architecture and rich opulence. Since most of the old palaces and havelis have been converted into hotels, they still retain the princely décor from the past. Tourists can catch a glimpse of the way the Indian royalty lived when they once stayed at the various palace hotels in Jaisalmer.

These high end hotels have all the modern requirements such as conference halls, swimming pools, internet facility and spas. Palace hotels have large spacious rooms that are equipped with modern facilities such as televisions. Many of the Jaisalmer hotels are located on the edge of the desert and they provide a wonderful view. Catching sunrises and sunsets can be a breathtaking experience for the traveler.

Tourists will be able to experience true Rajput culture when they are staying in these Jaisalmer hotels and many of them also organize various events such as dances, plays and other cultural programs for the tourists. Desert safaris and camel rides are popular among many tourists and some of the hotels in Jaisalmer arrange these facilities as well. Camel safaris in to the desert can be an exciting experience. Many hotels around the city have interesting architecture and the hotels themselves are a treasure trove of items from the past. Many of them are set amidst sprawling gardens and fountains and the overall experience can be a phenomenal one.

These luxury palace hotels and boutiques also provide pick and drop facilities from the airport and railway station for a fixed price. This is designed to make the entire stay as comfortable and smooth as possible for the tourists.

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