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Jaisalmer hotels are famous for their hospitality and there are many luxury hotels in the city that are known for their princely hospitality. Some of these hotels are built in the traditional Rajasthani architecture while many others have a contemporary and modern structural design. Many of the luxury hotels are well renowned for their spacious rooms and double king size beds.

Some of the five star and luxury hotels in Jaisalmer are The Hotel Neeraj, Hotel Raj Mandir, Hotel Garh Jaisal, Hotel Mandir Palace, Hotel Killa Bhawan, Hotel Rang Mahal and Mool Sagar Camp. Many of these are heritage hotels and are some of the few places where guests can experience traditional Rajasthani culture and cuisine.

Some of the hotels have a combination of traditional Rajasthani design on the outside and modern living amenities within the hotel. Gorbandh Palace Hotel is located in an ideal located and has stunning views of the Sonar Killa Fort. The interiors are a combination of Rajasthani and modern designs.

The pool side restaurant at the Gorbandh Palace has excellent views and the cuisine is a mix of Indian Chinese, Continental and traditional Rajasthani fares. The hotel also has an excellent collection of foreign liquor and the balcony has pristine views of the sand dunes especially in the evenings. Hotels in Jaisalmer are known for their folk music and traditional dance ceremonies.

There are a few boutique hotels that be can be found in Jaisalmer. Hotel Rajmandir is located in the Golden Fort and is one of the most luxurious hotels that can be found in the city. The hotel is known for its exquisite hospitality and the proximity of the desert makes for some of the most outstanding views in the city. The hotel is famed to leave an everlasting impression on the minds of the guests.

You can also take a trip down the desert by booking a car or an SUV through the front desk of the hotel. The people in the front desk will also help you plan your trips in and around the region in advance, and will provide you all the available options so that you can choose one among them depending on your preference.

You can book flight tickets, train tickets and local sightseeing tickets through the front desk. You can also make long distance calls and ISD calls direct from your phone in the hotel, as this facility is also available in all the premier hotels.

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