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Jaisalmer is a city that is known for its opulence and the various hotels in the city reflect the rich heritage of the city. There are numerous 4 star and 5 star Jaisalmer hotels that are present in the city and some of them are Jaisal Palace, Moonlight Hotel, Golden City, Monsoon Palace Hotel, Jasmin Havelli, Suryagarh Hotel and many others. The hotels in Jaisalmer cater to both foreign and Indian tourists and they have a wide range of facilities that can match any international hotel. There are a few tent style accommodation facilities that are available in the city as well.

An interesting experience in the city of Jaisalmer is the camps and safaris experience. Camps and Safaris are tent facilities in the desert that are designed to provide the traveler with an unmatched experience of the desert. Swiss tents are pitched in the desert and tourists are provided with all the facilities that are available in a mainland city hotel. Each tent has an individual veranda, bedroom and bathroom. The camp experience is intended to reflect the life of the past.

A campfire is arranged for the tourists during the night and this is the main focal point of the stay. Visitors at the hotels in Jaisalmer such as these can experience dances, puppet shoes, magicians, jugglers, traditional folk music and camel parades around the camp fire. This will be an experience of a life time and it is quite unique to this part of the world. The camp also provides traditional Rajasthani food and they have a good selection of drinks as well. Single and double size tents are available at the camp. The camp is described a desert experience unlike any other.

Mool Sagar is a royal garden and there 18 spacious tents in this place that provide accommodation. These tents of these Jaisalmer hotels are handmade in the style of the Jodhpur Maharajas and it is designed to give the traveler an experience of the past. The tents are equipped with most modern facilities and tourist will lack for nothing.

The tents are equipped with both cooling and heating facilities and these can be adjusted according to the temperature outside. The tents also have an en suite bathroom and veranda as well. There are numerous pavilions and gardens that surround the tents and tourists will have a pleasurable and relaxing time. The fragrant flowers of the Mehtab Bagh, which is located in the Mool Sagar provide the guests with a wonderful experience.

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