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Jaisalmer, unlike other towns in India, is a rather unusual city, because the entire city is hidden within the walls of a huge fort in the midst of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. This strategic fort was important for traders during the olden days when it served as an important location for their stopovers. It was an important location on the camel trading route.

The fort houses many old mansions constructed out of yellow sandstone wit intricate archways and balconies that glisten like gold providing the city its other name ‘Golden City’. Jaisalmer is situated on the Trikuta Hill, well protected from the harsh conditions of desert life. Places to visit in Jaisalmer include the famous havelis, well maintained parks, Jain temples, old monuments and lakes. The famous desert festival which happens once a year in January-February brings in many western tourists who are curious about the camels and the people living here.

There are many hotels in Jaisalmer that are ready to house visitors of all classes. You will find budget hotels, five star and four star hotels too. There are heritage hotels for those who want to experience a royal life, and there are three star hotels for people who want good comfort at reasonable prices. The Dhola Maru is a three star hotel, that’s rightly priced and provides every comfort imaginable.

It’s a family maintained hotel and comprises of 43 rooms which have a traditional look in décor with excellent modern amenities like telephone, hot/cold running water, 24 hour satellite television, high speed internet connection and good room service. The hotel’s multi cuisine restaurant dishes both European and traditional local fare. Outdoor activities arranged by the hotel’s front desk include camel rides in the desert, jeep safaris, car hires and sightseeing tours of the city including shopping.

The Hotel Gorbandh Palace is a royal retreat and is ideally situated on Sam Road that leads to the famous sand dunes. It is one of the popular Jaisalmer hotels that are frequented by most tourists. There are 67 rooms categorized as 64 deluxe rooms and three suites. With central air-conditioning and excellent facilities, it’s a real treat to stay in this hotel. The deluxe rooms have a private balcony where guests can sit out and enjoy their tea or just take a peek at the activity of the city. Guests can enjoy traditional Rajasthani meals at their restaurant or good European food.

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