Jana Reddy As Dy CM & Home Minister?
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

The Congress High Command is moving its cards carefully on the Telangana. When the Congress leader K Kesava Rao was invited to New Delhi for talks, there was a sense of jubilation that the High Command would agree for the separate Telangana state.

But the Telangana Congress leaders were suddenly taken aback when the Congress High Command conveyed that it wishes to give the Dy CM post along with the Home Ministry to Jana Reddy and another important portfolio to Damodar Reddy according to highly placed sources.

This sudden change of events has the required effect. Jana Reddy is said to be very elated at the offer. He knows that Rosaiah may not live long and if Rosaiah vacates the CM post then the Dy CM naturally becomes the Chief Minister. And with Home Ministry in his hands he can control the entire Andhra Pradesh.

Probably,It is for this reason that the Congress leaders like Jana Reddy and Damodar Reddy have started attacking the Telangana JAC indirectly since yesterday.

It seems that history is repeating. Indira Gandhi was successful in cooling off the 1969 Telangana agitation by giving the CM post to Chenna Reddy. Now the job to cool off the Telangana agitation seems to have been taken up by Indira's daughter in law Sonia Gandhi.



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