Jet Lags Symptoms And Effective Treatment For Jet Lag
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Jet lag, also call desynchronosis, is a provisional disorder that causes fatigue, insomnia, and other symptoms as a result of air journey across time zones.

These daily cycles, also referred to as your body's circadian rhythms, from the Latin 'circa' (meaning about) and 'dies' (meaning day), are very largely keeping pace by your surroundings and, in particular, by light and darkness.

In the evening your eyes sense the deteriorating light and send signal to your brain which, in turn, releases hormones into your body and begin the process of 'shutting down' in training for sleep.

Similarly, in the morning your eyes sense the recurring daylight and once more send signals to your brain to overturn this process. Causes of Jet Lag

When you travel crossways a number of time zones, the body clock goes out of sync with the target time, and so it experience daylight and darkness different to the rhythms it has grown adapted to.

The body's natural pattern so becomes upset as the rhythms which say aloud when you should eat and sleep no longer write to the surroundings of your purpose.

Symptoms of Jet Lag

The feelings of disorientation encounter as a result of journey time zones are identified as jet lag.

Symptoms include tiredness and general weariness, inability to sleep at night, loss of awareness, and loss of drive, headaches and all-purpose malaise.

Jet-lag occurs when biological rhythm are disrupted as a result of rapid transition across multiple time-zones.

Such desynchronization of rhythm also occurs in of the night shift work employees who move to night shifts.

Treatment of Jet Lag

The secret consequently lies in first considerate accurately what causes jet lag and what symptoms it is expected to give rise to and in then put together a plan for the management of jet lag, allow you to reduce its possessions both in terms of time and severity.

One important factor in put together any plan to contest jet lag is to retain information that, while jet lag does not arise until you reach your target; the seeds of the problem are often laid even previous to you start your journey.

Home Remedies for Jet Lag

The best jetlag treatment is Epsom salt bath. Drink lots of water on any flight. A cup of water each hour would be ideal. Good Home Remedy for Jetlag.

Kick your shoes off to ease weight on the feet. During extended stopover on a long-haul flight, try to grab a shower.

Add few drops of basil oil to ½ a cup of water and drink. After few hours, have a Valerian tea. This is also very good home remedy for jetlag.

During the day, try and depiction yourself to as much sun as likely, so as to inhibit Melatonin manufacture.

Preventive measures for Jetlag

Before taking flight drink abundance of fluids. This is one of the best jetlag remedy.

Avoid traveling when distress from colds, flu etc.

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